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The Manor House
The Manor House The Manor House The Manor House The Manor House The Manor House

The Manor House

The Manor house is the grandest and most luxurious in the Henny Penny House Range.  This is a home for the most privileged of poultry.  Built with our trademark thatched roof, its charming design belies sophisticated design features to make chicken keeping a pleasure for both man and chicken. This impressive coop houses up to 18 large hens this coop will be a great feature in any garden.

Every coop is hand-built by craftsmen in our workshop in rural North Yorkshire. We only use best quality, super strong redwood shiplap. For added longevity timber is pressure treated with Tanalith, which is an eco-friendly and animal safe product. The well being of your hens lies at the heart of our design process. All our coops our built with love, we fit them with clever design features to make caring for your hens a pleasure everyday for both you and your brood.  The Manor house may be our largest hen house but unlike an old stately home it is draft free so your girls can feel warm and cozy in total luxury.

Additional Information

  • Privileged living for up to 18 hens
  • Hand-built by craftsmen
  • Only the finest quality materials used - "we build to last"
  • Trademark thatched roof
  • Fully galvanised screws and fittings
  • Large human-sized entry door for easy access
  • Pop-hole and drop-down doors for the chickens
  • Easy to move with traditional cast-iron wheels
  • Excellent ventilation control
  • Pressure treated external timber
  • 3 year guarantee
  • 200cm (L) x 150cm (W) x 200cm (H) excluding wheels
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The Manor House

All of our hen houses are designed and built to last. Galvanised steel fittings are used as standard. All coops are secured with screws for extra strength and safety. The roof is lined with marine quality plywood for longevity and to help eradicate pests such as red mite.

The Manor House is fitted with a set of cast iron wheels that make moving your coop very easy. The wheels keep the coop raised off the ground so the floor is dry and protected. A large entry door allows easy access for cleaning, whilst your happy hens can choose to use either the dropdown ladder or pop-hole doors.

Inside you will find two removable perches. These are raised and perfectly rounded off for your chicken’s comfort and support so they can enjoy a good nights’ sleep. This comfy chicken boudoir has an adjustable ventilation system to keep your girls healthy.

Waiting for the first eggs to be laid is very exciting for children and parents, but chickens work to their schedules not ours. So that you never miss any of the egg laying action we have fitted a special platform where you can install a web-cam. Imagine the dramas your feathered divas get up to being streamed to your computer, tablet or smartphone so you can watch them live anytime wherever you are in the world.

When your girls are happily laying eggs, the nesting boxes are designed for easy egg collection. Mr Fox of course who has been contemplating whether to eat your eggs as a simple omelette or maybe in a soufflé will find his gastronomic ambitions thwarted as our nesting boxes are fully lockable and secure.  Sorry Mr. Fox, the girls are protected!