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Henny Penny Hen Houses - Hand Made in Yorkshire - Est 2012

Why Henny Penny

Unique Artisan Coops

These are individually hand-made artisan coops.  They are designed to be more than just functional, but have a beauty and charm that you will enjoy for many years. We are so proud of our coops that each coop comes with a plaque with the coop’s individual build number on it. Some people may describe our Hen Houses as luxury chicken coops; we just think they’re what every hard working hen deserves.

Designed from Personal Experience

Henny Penny Hen Houses are chicken coops designed by Penny. She’s been keeping chickens for years and has created her designs to make her life easy and keep her chickens healthy as well as looking good on our farm.  A lot of thought has gone into the design to make a pleasant cosy home for your girls and into the ergonomics for you, so that you get into the coop easily with no bruised foreheads or sore backs!

Gold Standard for Chicken Coops


Buying a chicken coop is an investment, so Henny Penny is about building quality chicken coops from best quality materials.
Every chicken coop is built by hand by experienced craftsmen and finished well to ensure that your coop is protected from the elements.  

Buying a Coop is just the beginning

We would like to think that when you buy your first chicken coop from us that this is just the beginning of a long-term relationship with you as our customer.  We don’t just sell coops, but we sell everything you need from chicken runs to feed and even to produce stands to sell your lovely free-range eggs from. 


Quality and durability is guaranteed. Every coop comes with a 3 year guarantee as standard. In the unlikely event a fault may occur (other than wear and tear or misuse), as long as it has been maintained along our guidelines below we'll repair the product or, if that's not possible, we will give you a replacement. For all other items (including painted finishes) our usual 12 month guarantee applies. This does not affect your statutory rights.


Henny Penny hen houses are designed to be as maintenance free as possible. As with all timber products there may be some movement in the first year, but this is a natural process and nothing to worry about.

In theory, pressure treated timber will not need any further treatment for 10 – 15 years, although this rather depends on how ‘sun bleached’ or exposed the coop is. Our view is that if you can apply a suitable preservative every 2 years then you will ensure your hen housing stays in tip top condition for many years to come. 

Avoid positioning the coop under a tree as far as possible. The roof thatch has already received 2 coats of quality yacht varnish prior to delivery. So to ensure its protective lustre remains in tact, a further 2 coats should be applied every year. In locations that are more exposed to adverse weather conditions (for example where we live in North Yorkshire on top of a large hill), we find that applying 2 coats twice a year is better. Your girls can’t have too much protection!

Farrow & Ball painted versions have 2 coats of primer and 2 top coats of Exterior Eggshell carefully applied by hand. These water-based paints are sturdy and durable, but as with all painted surfaces they can be subject to weathering over time if not looked after properly. To keep your paint finish in tip-top condition we recommend that a new top coat is applied every year. 

Support & Advice

During working hours we are happy to answer any of your questions about Henny Penny products.  We would also like to hear your feed back and suggestions about new products we can stock and any improvements we can make.